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Technology in Sparta

Sparta is a Smart Rural Community

SkyLine Membership Corp. (West Jefferson, NC) was recieved a 2016 Smart Rural Community® Showcase Award.

The SRC Showcase Awards are annual awards presented to NTCA members to recognize their extraordinary achievements in promoting rural broadband networks and their broadband-enabled applications in rural communities.

Telcos are awarded based on their ability to demonstrate the use of these technologies through innovative economic development, education, health care, government services, safety and security, and more efficient energy distribution and use.

In the NC Broadband Map, the shaded areas represent fiber deployment throughout the state, and a significant concentration of fiber presence appears in the four northwest N.C. counties SkyLine serves.

Below is the current map illustration on the NC Broadband website, which highlights broadband availability for 100 mbps and up.

Also highlighted on is the national broadband map, and the blue highlighted reiterates where fiber to the end user is available.


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